Motostar recognise that our customers require the peace of mind that only a high quality product can bring, which is why we have designed a range of equipment aimed at providing many years of consistent high performance without the need for any periodic maintenance and internal adjustments.

Motostar make available for the first time, high quality, well priced gate automation equipment that is not only sturdy and powerful but also suitable for diy installation, with full technical support, should it be needed.

Featuring the latest in safety technology, all of our equipment meets or exceeds all current safety legislation, alongside keyed manual overrides in case of power-cuts.

We are so confident in the abilities of our equipment that all of our products feature a three year guarantee, giving you extra peace of mind.

Motostar’s broad selection of equipment allows users to specify the right kit regardless of application, and with a range of accessories that enables all our automation equipment to be tailored to suit, Motostar truly is opening the world”.